Monday, October 24, 2016

Week of 10-24-16

Well, the regular football season has come to an end.  As I start writing this on Sunday afternoon there is no word yet on where the teams will be playing for the first round of playoffs next Friday, but I will keep an eye out and keep everyone posted.
   ***EDIT: BOTH teams will be "away" on Friday, so we will all enjoy a well-earned weekend away from marching.

I will keep this very brief, because it is truly the first week of the year where we have nothing at all on the schedule!

We are hosting All-State auditions this Thursday and Saturday.  Information for the people auditioning has been emailed to them; please check with them regarding times, locations, etc.  I also sent out a student SignUp Genius page to get some extra hands setting up and tearing down, etc.

Infinite Campus should be basically up-to-date now.  I do have to check a few absences, so one or two performance attendance grades may change, but I believe I have filled in all of the performances with grades now.

The Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band have a concert coming up in a few weeks.  More word on that soon - the date is giving us some difficulty due to hunting season...

The ANNUAL FUND DRIVE is happening!  Make sure you send in your donation so we can keep doing great things here.  We are a little behind our usual pace so far this year, so please consider giving to the fund.