Monday, October 17, 2016

Week of 10-17-16

Here we are in mid-October and it seems like band camp just ended a couple weeks ago.  The time flies in the fall season; starting this week we begin to settle into a different routine for a few months.  There are still plenty of marching band details over the next couple of weeks, so I will keep this post to those items.

This FRIDAY, OCTOBER 21 marks our last "official" full band performance of the season.  It's the East/West game, and always proves to be lots of fun for the whole community.  It is also the night we will recognize our seniors.

Post-season play?  As I said above, this week is the last "official" game.  After this week's game the teams enter the playoff rounds, and we sort of play it by ear, as they say.  If the teams travel to an away site, the band does not travel.  If the teams are home, we at least have a pep band at the games.  If a visiting team brings their band to a ZHS game, then our band will be at the game in uniform as well.  I totally understand the schedule conflicts at this point, so just keep me posted as things come up if your son/daughter has to miss a show.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 22 is our mattress sale in the East cafeteria.  We've done two of these over the past year and a half and raised over $10,000.00.  The money raised from this sale will go into the band trip account and be credited to individual students.  This is a great fund raiser because it is so easy and can make plenty of money.  Your child will be credited with a sale when a customer brings in the coupon that students were given last week.  We keep track of this and students are given credit via our accounting system.  It's SO simple.  Students and parents may even text or email the coupons to prospective customers.  We also have dozens of yard signs available if you would like to pick one up for your property.  This sale works best through word of mouth, so get the info out!  Here is a link to the Facebook event - - please join it and invite others as well.  Sheets and pillows will also be available; order sheets through the link on the Facebook page.  Another way to join the event is to text "Zeeland" to 616-201-2030.  You will receive an auto-reply message that you can forward to your contacts.  Mattresses will be delivered to people's homes; you do not have to worry about any delivery or other issues whatsoever.

ALSO on October 22, Cindra Zwart will again be hosting a Life Expressions Decor sale.  Buy some great stuff for your house and paint it in the colors you want, and while the paint dries you can shop for a mattress.  These signs make great gifts and are reasonably priced.  The Facebook event is here for more information -

We hope to see lots of you at these events on Saturday!  There will be a SignUp Genius email that outlines some opportunities for families to work a 1-2 hour shift assisting at the sale; students will earn extra money for working.

Speaking of seeing lots of you, it was awesome to have such big crowds Monday and Tuesday evenings last week.  The kids really needed an audience on Monday night, and hundreds of people helped out.  Tuesday wasn't as successful as we had hoped, but it's been a very different season in many ways; we've discussed it at length and are ready to move on and make a few changes.  It's always fun to perform for a big crowd, and both nights were well attended.  Thanks for coming out.

I will finish up a few other blog updates I've been working on and get them out soon.  They deal with topics like private lessons, new instruments, how we select students for various concert band groups, etc.  Each and every one is an exciting page-turner you're sure to read over and over again...

Enjoy your week!  Things are definitely slowing down here for a bit: one fall athlete said to me on Friday that now that soccer and band are winding up he is getting a little bored and needs something to do!  I told him to go practice.