Monday, September 19, 2016

Week of September 19

Looking back on Friday night, I've decided to try to see at least some humor in the situation, since if I didn't I would probably just continue to shake my head in wonder...  What a night.  The kids did a great job getting here on time, had all their stuff, pre-game went well, and then, well, let's just say it went downhill very fast.  I've spoken with several parents who had uniforms hanging in the garage dripping for hours; we just moved a sousaphone from point A to point B in the room, and several ounces of water poured out of the bell as it was picked up.  There is a famous saying:"It's not raining until I say it's raining."  Wow.  It was definitely raining Friday night...

Anyway, here is the weekly update.  Not too much to report - another almost relaxing week before things ramp up in a serious way.

TONIGHT - Monday, September 19 - FULL BAND rehearsal at the stadium, 6:30 - 9:00 p.m.  Goal of the night is to have the entire show back on the field by the end of the rehearsal.  We need to review and remember "Fly by Night."  Again, extremely important for all students to attend on Monday nights; we only have three more after tonight and it's festival time.  Not sure if it is still early in the season or if I am seeing the results of only rehearsing full band one night per week, but we have some very rough spots that need to be cleaned.  Very soon...

Tuesday, Sept 20 - Color Guard rehearsal in the dance studio 7 - 9:00 p.m.  The Holland Symphony will be rehearsing in the band room, so if you come in that way please be very quiet and respectful.

Friday, Sept. 23 - East home football - TRACK BAND.  

Upcoming events:

  • Friday, Sept. 30 - West Football vs. Holland - ALL
    • HHS band will be joining us for pre-game and halftime that night!
  • Saturday, Oct 1 - Hastings Invitational
    • Most likely a late afternoon performance
    • I will publish times when I know them
That should do for this week.  There is probably more, but I decided to spend some family time yesterday rather than come in and straighten the room, so I need to do that right now!

Have a great week -