Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Band Camp Reduix, T-Shirts, and Assorted Other News

Band camp was a pretty huge success!  We changed a few things around to accommodate construction, scheduling, and other things, but we did camp, dispensed uniforms, and had a great time without really ever using the band room during the day.  Friday it was a little sad that we didn't make it to the beach, but when we had to make the call there were red swim flags flying at Tunnel Park, and I just couldn't imagine four busloads of kids not being allowed to go in the water at the beach...  It ended up saving some money since we didn't have to pay for buses, so that's good.

Thank you to all of the volunteers for the week, whether you assisted with uniforms, "medical" staff, cooking Friday's lunch, or handing out popsicles or otherwise.  We really appreciate your help!  (I just spent about an hour organizing uniform money checks and accounting for which kids have paid how much money, and I grew even more appreciative of the folks who come in to help out with that sort of thing.)

T-SHIRTS will be ordered next week!  This year they are truly "charcoal" in color - a dark grey edging toward black.  They will have the Rush logo on the front (included in a design by a ZWHS student) and everyone's names on the back.  Parents, students, friends, and neighbors may all purchase as many shirts as they'd like.  No one is required to purchase, but we do ask that you return check or cash by next Monday, August 22 (at Monday night rehearsal).  If this presents a problem, let me know.  It is difficult to do more than one order due to the temporary nature of the screens for printing.  

Speaking of things that cost you money - can we do something that will help (I hope) on both sides of the equation:
 - There are several items that need some sort of payment or other.  For MY convenience, it would be very helpful if you could write separate checks for the separate items (like a check for uniform fees AND a check for T-shirts) so I can keep track of what money went where.
 - For YOUR convenience, if you have more than one child or are ordering more than on shirt or paying two uniform fees, etc., you may write a single check for as many kids as you have.  Make sense?  That way you're not writing six checks for T-shirts and uniform money.

 - For the convenience of everyone, especially to make sure things get properly credited, please fill out a DIFFERENT form for each item and child, but you may include one check for payment.  So if you're ordering seven shirts for seven different people in seven different sizes, fill out seven different order forms, but feel free to write one check for all of them.

HOPE COLLEGE game on Saturday, September 3.  
At this point you know as many details as I do - there is a Hope game on that Saturday and the band is performing.  I don't know when the game starts, etc.  I hope to find this information out very soon; if Hope doesn't contact me by Friday, I will be in touch with them.  This of course brings up the reality of family vacations, etc. on Labor Day weekend.  Totally understandable, so please let me know if that weekend is a problem.  Community Day at Hope is traditionally their first home game.  We rotate in every third year with Holland and West Ottawa; when the state of Michigan passed the law requiring a post-Labor Day start of school, this game became a bit of a problem!  If you're in town, I expect that kids will be in attendance.  I will get you further details as soon as possible.

Monday night rehearsals have started up as of last night; 6:30 - 9:00 at the stadium (usually - last night there was a scheduling snafu due to last Friday's weather).  We will rehearse next Monday at the stadium.  The band room will be open for students to get equipment before rehearsal begins.

Our first home football game is on Friday, August 26.  This is a game handled by Track Band, which is a voluntary organization.  All students are welcome and encouraged to attend, but it is not required.  We will play the school song, national anthem, etc. for pre-game, and some cheers and assorted noise-making during the game, and some sort of performance at the half.  This early in the year it is pretty tough to play much, though!  It's a fun time and much less formal than a uniformed football game with the full band.

That should do it for now.  Please feel free to email me if you have any questions - kwalker@zps.org.