Sunday, October 4, 2015

Week of October 5

The unofficial end of marching season is suddenly just around the corner!  Next week Tuesday is MSBOA festival here at ZHS, and we are making the final push to get things together this week.  Here are some details for you and your kids.  I will also try to hit some of the highlights of how judging works, though the two panels we will see the next ten days will be judging us from different sets of rules.

The two upcoming performances are open to the public and I encourage ALL of you to attend!  They will cost you some ticket money, however, since these act as money makers for GHS and the MSBOA.  I hope you can all make it and see all of the other bands as well - these are fun events and you will enjoy seeing what other groups have to offer.

Schedule for the week first, though:

MONDAY, October 5 - evening rehearsal, 6:30 - 9:00 p.m.  We have two of these left.  Monday rehearsals are a required part of the class, and the only time the band gets to rehearse together during the week since we meet in three different class hours.  These Monday nights are our chance to make it all happen, and when students are missing it impacts everyone. Please make every effort to get your child to rehearsal on time.  There are only two more - tonight and Oct. 12.

Tuesday, October 6 - Color guard rehearsal - band room - 7-9 p.m.

Wednesday and Thursday - nothing again!

Friday, October 9 - Home football - ALL required - full uniform, full show, etc.  This is a great dress rehearsal opportunity for our show on Saturday at Grandville.

Saturday, October 10 - Grandville Invitational 
Schedule for the day:
 - arrive at school for afternoon rehearsal at 3:45 p.m.
 - rehearsal begins at the stadium at 4:00 p.m.
 - dinner served by some great parents at 6:00 p.m.
 - dress, load buses, etc.
 - depart for Grandville at 7:15 p.m.
 - performance at 9:30 p.m. (I have no idea why this has moved to late at night this year)
 - return home ca. 10:45 p.m.
This is a required performance for all students.  If it's necessary for you to drive your child home from the event before the rest of the band leaves, please notify me ASAP and we will make arrangements for you to meet us as we finish.  We are the last band to perform in the competition, so there won't be a lot of waiting when we are done.  Because of this, it is much easier and more efficient if all students ride the bus back to school.

Monday, October 12 - final Monday rehearsal of 2015!
Tuesday, October 13 - MSBOA marching band festival
Friday, October 16 - Home FB, full band, etc.
Monday, October 19 - Fuzzy Peach fund raiser
Saturday, October 24 - Mattress sale and Home Expressions fund raisers

* A word about adjudication...
Over the next ten days the ZHSMB will be judged in two different competitions.  And technically only one of those is a competition...
On Saturday at Grandville HS, our band will be judged in six different areas, four of which contribute to the final score and placement.  We will be judged in Music Performance, Music Effect, Marching Performance, and Visual Effect (which add up to our final score), and Color Guard and Percussion (where scores are used to determine awards for those areas but do not affect our total score).  Each judge awards points in each category, and the highest point total wins the day.  Pretty straightforward.  There are no "ratings" like we will have at MSBOA; it is a total score out of 100.  We do not compete at places like Grandville (or Kenowa Hills, etc., as in past years) to "win big."  We compete because I like the kids to have more than one opportunity to perform in front of a panel of judges so we can get some good feedback.  I like to do one show before MSBOA as a sort of tune-up; it helps the kids get the nerves taken care of before our final judged event.  

At MSBOA festival, the format is one in which "everyone can win."  The bands are judged against a set of standards and benchmarks in Music, Marching, and General Effect.  If your band meets the standards, you can receive the highest rating.  There is no overall winner, or placements of any kind.  The three judges each give the band a rating (I, II, III, IV, or V), and the ratings are "averaged" for a final overall rating.  The last several years the ZHSMB has received a I in all three categories, resulting in an overall I, or "First Division" rating.  I'm hoping we can continue that streak next Tuesday.

Thanks for your support so far this year - keep encouraging your kids!