Monday, September 14, 2015

Week of September 14

Welcome to the second week of school!  This week things get rolling more seriously, as we have some evening rehearsals and a full band performance on Friday.  Here is a run-down on the week as well as some other things for you to keep in mind.

TONIGHT: Rehearsal at the stadium - 6:30 - 9:00 p.m.  We have MUCH to accomplish: reviewing the halftime show to get it in shape for Friday night, getting it on and off the field, setting up what the expectations are in the bleachers, and running a new pre-game set.
    (Senior Alex Stuive has written a fanfare for our pre-game show that incorporates both East and West fight songs as well as some general "exciting musical build-up" to kick off our pre-game festivities.  It's possible, though probably not this week, that we will be bringing back Script Chix and Block Dux for pre-game as well.  My goal is to do something other than just stand there between the initial fight song and the national anthem...  Look for something new this week!)

Tuesday: Color guard 7 - 9 p.m.  This will either be in the band or choir room (maybe even outside?) - the Holland Symphony will be rehearsing in the building tomorrow night, so we may have to adjust where guard goes.

Thursday:  Band Boosters meeting, band room, 7:00 p.m.  All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.  We promise not to volunteer you or put you on a committee, though there will be opportunities for both of those to happen.  These meetings are a good place to catch up in person with what's going on in the bands as well as to connect with other parents and be part of something that is very valuable to your kids.  This week we will be discussing hosting MSBOA marching band festival and some trip updates and fund raising opportunities for October.  Hope to see you there!


This is a required performance.  ALL students, full uniform, etc.  I know that there will be several students otherwise engaged, and I have received those notifications (thank you again!).  We dodged a West Cross Country situation (the team will be back in plenty of time), and all else looks good at this point.  Remember to get your kids HERE; "I didn't have a ride" is not an excuse to miss a performance.  With well over 200 kids in the band, someone lives near you and can offer your student a lift to school.

Students need to be here a little early to make sure we can get stuff done on time before the game.  I want kids her NO LATER than 5:45, but preferably earlier.  My goal is to have a fully-uniformed band on the practice field by 6 p.m.  There are fewer parts of the uniform to put on, but since they're new it might take a while to get everything where we want it, and we already know that there will need to be some adjustments in pant length.  (For folks looking to add to their prayer/thought list for the week, please put "no rain Friday" on it ASAP.  Thanks.)

There will be a new Signup Genius out later today or tomorrow for a Friday night crew.  We will need plume distributors/collectors (kids do not keep these with their uniforms), some general assistance in the uniform room, a DM podium crew, etc.  If you have assisted before I will probably be in touch with you to make sure you're on again for this season.

 - Monday rehearsal, 6:30 - 9:00 p.m.
 - Tuesday Color Guard, 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
 - Friday - West Homecoming game, full band, all students

THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND for the future:

 - MSBOA District 10 MB Festival will be hosted at Zeeland Stadium on October 13.  Athletes need to inform their coaches that this is our "district finals," and as such I will expect every student to be on the field with me.  Many events will allow students to participate in both; this is the one and only band event for which I do not make deals, though, so be aware of that as you plan.

 - The Mattress Sale rides again.  Saturday, Oct. 24 in the East cafeteria.  Find the Facebook event here.  This is a great fund raising opportunity for the upcoming trip to Memphis!

 - Speaking of the trip, we will plan a parent meeting for October to update folks on details, etc.  Andy Watson has been a great researcher and planner and has things figured out quite well as far as our schedule, food, etc.  At this point we anticipate kids only having to by a couple of meals or snacks; all else will be included in the cost.  Chaperones are coming together, too.  I am now ready to accept emails from folks interested in helping out.  Please understand that lots of people will want to chaperone, but we only have space for about six more.  School employees, medical personnel, etc. have an advantage here.

 - I posted some general blog stuff the other day of information that folks need frequently throughout the year.  So far I've added "Communication" and "Track Band;" in the near future look for posts on calendar/requirements and band/athletics.  I hope to get the "Uniforms" one done today or tomorrow.  

Thanks!  As always, is a great way to contact me with any questions.