Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Summer Updates II

Here are some updates that need to be made note of so things keep running smoothly (I am assuming that they are already running smoothly...).

I'd like to say that these are in some kind of order, but as I review them there are really no major issues, so I'm writing them as they appear on my list:

 - EARPLUGS My apologies for posting incorrect dates for the earplug days at Holland Doctors of Audiology.  To be honest, I didn't realize I'd posted the information and now I can't find it to make the changes online!  (If someone can find it and direct me to where it is I will make the change.)  Here is the info directly from HDA:
 - Thursday 7/30 and Friday 7/31 8:30am-5pm, no appointment required, keeping it still at the same $10 per pair including taxes, cash only. 
 - Earplugs can also be purchased at the reduced cost if they let us know they are band students any time M-F, 8:30-5 if they know their size.  Please note that, for hygiene reasons, earplugs are not returnable and we encourage checking ears before to select size first. We can also do the reduced cost office visit ($25+cost of plugs) if they want to make an appointment for a one-to-one consultation outside of the designated Band dates. If wax removal is necessary, that is NOT included but they can do at home with OTC drops, their pediatricians office, or here (sometimes covered by insurance; varies). 
*HDA is located on 32nd Street and US31 in Holland, about a quarter mile west of the intersection.

RETURNING STUDENTS are being reminded to bring their marching shoes to camp with them.  We want to make sure they HAVE shoes so we don't get stuck at the first performance - we have discarded the "shoe library" and will not have spares this year.  Please make sure your child has his/her shoes and brings them to camp.  We can always order a new pair if needed, but we want to get it all done at once.
 - Anyone who has any CONCERT uniforms at home needs to let us know that.  When your child is fitted for a uniform at camp, he/she should let the crew know that the concert uniform is already assigned and at home.

BAND TRIP Cathy Lugten has been doing lots of volunteer work this summer making sure parents are kept up-to-date about their trip payments.  She is working to make sure that all payments are accounted for and sending email reminders, etc.  Please be patient as we work through her schedule, the office schedule, and the mail schedule!  She will keep everyone posted as efficiently as possible.  (Please remember that although she is a district employee, she is also a band parent, and her time and effort after June 4 and before September 8 is all volunteering!)

WISH LIST In my blog post last week ( I added a list of things that the band needs as far as equipment, etc.  Someone asked if some of these things could be loaned to the band and returned - like the water coolers, carts, etc.  Absolutely!  If you have something on the list you'd be willing to loan out, let me know and we will make sure it gets back to you in good condition.

OFFICE HOURS I will NOT be here on Thursday (tomorrow) this week.  I somehow managed to schedule a very busy week and have two appointments tomorrow...

VOLUNTEERING If you plan to help with anything band-related this year, please click over to the ZPS volunteer sign-up page here: so we can get the necessary background checks, etc. completed.  These are reset every summer, apparently, so if you filled one out last year, please do so again.  
 - Speaking of volunteering, here is your first opportunity!  Amy Busa and Holly Corley have taken over the uniform crew duties, and they could use your help at band camp.  This is a VERY easy job.  Kids try on clothes and if they fit, you write down the numbers.  It's a pretty easy system and runs in an assembly line fashion.  Contact Amy at or Holley at and let them know you're available.

STUDENT EMAIL At this time I am unable to connect with incoming freshman students, so I have only sent emails to parents.  Please share any relevant information with your children so that they are kept informed as well!  

I think that should do it for today's updates.  19 days til camp!!

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