Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Memorial Day 2015

Here are the details that students and parents need to know for Monday's Memorial Day parade.  Please email Mr. Walker with any questions.

  • DATE:  Monday, May 25
  • TIME:  Report to Cityside MS by 8:30 a.m. - parade begins at 9:00 a.m.
  • BAND ROOM will be open by 7:45 a.m. for people to get uniforms and instruments.
  • EQUIPMENT TRAILER will be parked at Cityside in the back lot.
  • IN CASE OF RAIN the parade has been canceled in the past.  Please pay attention to the band's website, student/parent email, Twitter, and Facebook for updates.  The parade is rarely canceled before 8:00 a.m., so you will most likely already be starting your preparations for it if they do cancel.
  • Following the parade, the SYMPHONIC BAND and WIND ENSEMBLE students will proceed to the cemetery for the memorial service.  We will play America the Beautiful, Battle Cry of Freedom, and the national anthem.
  • Immediately after the parade the Concert Band students will return to the band room to turn in their uniforms.  ALL uniform parts should be accounted for, including pants, coat, sash, cords, hat, and wooden hanger.  You may keep your shoes for next year.
  • Immediately after the memorial service the Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble will return to the band room to turn in their uniforms, including TUXES and DRESSES.
  • SENIORS who choose not to march are expected to email Mr. Walker and let him know, though this should have been done by last week at least...
  • SENIORS who choose not to march are still responsible for turning in their equipment BY MONDAY, MAY 25.  This year we are not collecting donated shoes from seniors - we will be switching to a different shoe for next year's incoming students.
I believe that covers it.  Here are a couple other items of interest for you:

  • The current uniform coats may be purchased as souvenirs at a cost of $15.00 each.
  • The drumline track suits may be purchased at a cost of $20.00 complete, or $15.00 for the coat and $10.00 for the pants.
  • Uniform hats and plumes have been posted for sale to other programs, but if any are left over in the fall we will let you know.
  • We are also exploring a couple of places that manufacture souvenir pillows and tote bags out of old uniforms.  An order form and price list will be available in the fall.
  • (All proceeds from the sale of these items will go toward purchasing new color guard uniforms as well as increasing our supply of tuxedos and dresses for concert wear.)