Friday, January 9, 2015

Winter Concert Details UPDATE

As things stand right now, the building is completely closed Friday.  I will update the Facebook page with any office hours planned for Saturday for people to come in and practice, get instruments, concert outfits, etc.  Probably sometime around 1:00 p.m., possibly earlier.  (There will be people in the building for dance activities, so I will see if we can get the room open as long as possible.)

Rather than change the date of the concert and run into exam study time, sports conflicts, etc., we have decided to keep the concert going on Sunday, but adjust the time.

WE HAVE CHANGED THE CONCERT START TIME TO 3:00 P.M.  Here are the updated details:

**We would still like folks to be dressed for the concert when they arrive, but there may still be some outfits at school.  We will deal with that situation as needed**
I will have the band room open by 1:00 p.m.

In order to get some quick rehearsal time for each group, we are going to arrive at school quite early.  We will run the group order backward - this will allow the older students, many of whom drive themselves, to have some freedom to move about prior to the concert.  It will also mean that parents of the majority of the youngest students will not be sitting with nothing to do while their kids are required to be in the building.  Finally, it makes it a logical set-up sequence, with the Concert Band being all set up and ready to go for the start of the concert, rather than having to re-set the stage.  Each group will have 20 minutes on stage. 
- Wind Ensemble reports to the stage at 1:30 p.m.
 - Percussion Ensemble reports to the stage at 1:50 p.m. - there should be plenty of room behind the Wind Ensemble setup to get the equipment in place 
 - Symphonic Band reports to the stage at 2:10 p.m.
 - Concert Band reports to the stage at 2:30 p.m. and will remain there until the concert starts.
**DOORS WILL OPEN FOR AUDIENCE SEATING AT 2:45.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we rehearse!** 

 AFTER you are done on stage you will go and spend some time with a tuner in the band room.
Percussion Ensemble members performing with the bands need to be on stage at the above times as well!
All band students except Concert Band should be in the front five rows of the audience when the concert starts.  (Concert Band will be on stage.)

Can't practice or make it to the building Saturday?  DO SOME LISTENING AT LEAST:
 - Candide -
 - Children's March -
 - Parade of the Tall Ships - 
  - Air for Band -
 - Cape Fear Chronicles -
 - Folk Song Suite -
 - Shaker Gift Song -
 - Overture for Winds -
 - Beat 70 -
 - Big Country -
 - Circus Circus -!/2290369.item#.VK_4kXuYewY
Concert Band
 - Cape Fear Chronicles
 - Air for Band
 - Parade of the Tall Ships
*select members remove their chairs from the stage
Symphonic Band
 - Folk Song Suite
 - Shaker Gift Song
 - Overture for Winds
*ALL members move chairs and stands
Percussion Ensemble
*set up begins immediately after Symphonic Band stage is cleared
 - Circus Circus
 - Big Country
 - Beat 70
*ALL members re-set stage; those performing with Wind Ensemble set up equipment for Children's March and Candide
Wind Ensemble
*ALL members set up chairs and stands after percussion is cleared
 - Children's March
 - Nature's Intermission
 - Candide