Monday, September 8, 2014


Welcome to the ZHS Band blog, your source of all the vital information you can think of!  At least that's the plan...  Here's the first installment for 2014-15.

So that I don't have to completely reinvent the wheel, I will direct you to LAST year's opening blog post so you can read the general ideas.

There have been a couple of minor changes from the above link: I did indeed end up doing a volunteer form and a few other things via the blog post, but otherwise most "immediate" communications are done via email with no link to the blog.  The biggest reason for a permanent blog site is so I can keep a more permanent record of information for people to check out.  If you lose an email, the blog is still here.  If you miss an email and ask me for the info again, I can just direct you here rather than finding the original, copying/pasting, etc.  You get the idea.

One thing I have decided to do much more with this year is Twitter.  Lots of people have it and use it.  I have it, but don't really use it.  So I figured I would do more this year.  One of the reasons I started the account several years ago was for emergency communications - we canceled the Memorial Day parade one year and it was very difficult to get in touch with everyone quickly.  Maybe Twitter can change that - I tried it Friday night when we canceled the band performance.  Please follow @zhsband if you would like to read my tweets.  I promise not to be terribly annoying!

Here are some important links for your future reference:
 - The HS bands' main page:  This page contains calendar links, parent and student info, such as:

  • the Parent Pages: announcements, contact information, future band camp dates, link to our Scrip fund raiser, etc.
  • Student Pages:  Specific information for each band, scales/exercises/other online music, fingering charts for all instruments.  Students will become very familiar with these pages as we post listening examples, download music, etc.
  • the Calendar.  Speaks for itself.  Google, Word, and PDF files available.  You can actually link the band calendar to your Google account, and it will show up on your device!  (When you are looking at the Google calendar online, click the "+ Calendar" button at the bottom right corner and it will add to your account.
  • Other ZPS Performing Arts links, music links for half time and pre-game, and tons of videos, pictures, etc.  Go explore!
  • My email address - - is the best way to contact me.  
 - The ZPS district main page:  This is where you can find all sorts of handy links to district events.

That should cover most of the basics for now.  I will continue to update you as needed.