Monday, September 8, 2014

Week of September 8

Today begins the first full week of school, and with that comes the first Monday rehearsal as well as several other things on the horizon.  This page should take you through the week:

 - Rehearsal at the stadium beginning at 6:30.
With 200 people in the group plus staff members, parents, etc. all trying to be in the same place at the same time, it is necessary for us to change how we operate at the and of rehearsal.
 - My plan is always to release kids from the stadium by 8:55 p.m. so they can be back to the building by 9.
 - The band room lot needs to have a ONE-WAY DRIVEWAY to accommodate all of the traffic.
 - Beginning TONIGHT, all traffic entering the band room lot MUST enter from the BUS CIRCLE driveway entry (northwest corner of the lot).  The drive on the northeast corner will be EXIT ONLY.
 - It will work BEST if ALL TRAFFIC enters and exits in one big loop - from the bus drive to the band lot to the northeast exit and TURNS RIGHT to get out, but that may not be critical to the success of the plan.
 - This system obviously presents the problem of who is in line where, etc.  Please don't all try to jam into the parking lot as you wait and then try to exit all at once.  My suggestion (based on my discussions with the ZPD) is that you wait in the bus circle or by the cornfield across from the parking lot until your son/daughter is in the car with you and then make your exit.  This may mean that you do end up exiting left or right out of the bus circle on the way home, but my ZPD consultant didn't think this would be a huge problem.  We believe that the only thing completely necessary is the "exit only" status of the northeast drive.
 - Confused?  Try heading for the main lot in the front of the building, where the traffic is easier to deal with.  (This may end up being our best choice in the long run!)
THANKS in advance for your cooperation!!

Tuesday, September 9 - Color Guard rehearsal 7-9 p.m.

FRIDAY, September 12 - FULL BAND TAKE TWO...
 - West is the home team this week (I think the calendar says East, but it really doesn't matter - we just have to make sure we play the right school song!)
 - Same drill as last week - 5:45 in uniform, pre-game, half-time, dismissal.  NO RAIN!!

FUTURE dates:
 - Monday nights: Sept. 15, 22, 29, Oct. 6
 - KENOWA HILLS Knight Time Classic, Saturday, September 27 (this is now a firm date - time for our performance TBA)
 - Pumpkin Fest Parade - Saturday, Oct. 4
 - MSBOA Marching Band Festival - Tuesday, Oct. 7

Thanks for your efforts thus far - last Friday was certainly an exercise in frustration, but in the long run I believe it was the best decision we could have made under the circumstances.


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