Monday, September 22, 2014

Week of September 22

It finally looks like a great week of weather for the marching band!  Things brightened up considerably by the end of last week, and the forecast for the next eight days or so looks perfect.  Let's do some marching band...

First of all, last Monday's damp rehearsal accomplished a lot of things.  I told the kids that except for one 20-minute period of short attention span issues that I was pretty happy with the way they handled the sloppy conditions.  As you saw on Friday night, we managed to re-set the final number and get the whole show back on the field.

This week things start getting a little more intense.  We perform in front of judges for the first time on Saturday at Kenowa Hills, we are only just over two weeks away from MSBOA Festival, and the show needs LOTS of cleaning.  I think we can do pretty well the next couple weeks, but it will require much concentration and attention to detail from every member.

Here's what's going on this week:

TONIGHT's rehearsal (6:30 - 9:00) will start here at the band room/practice field area.  We need to do some smaller section work as well as some music cleaning.  We will move to the stadium and begin there by 7:30.
     ***equipment crew: please plan on meeting us at the stadium by 8:15.  I would like to do a couple re-sets at the end of the second song so we open up more space for you to travel through.  We will do a run of the entire show at 8:35/40-ish to end the rehearsal.

Tuesday - Color guard 7:00 - 9:00

Friday: West Homecoming assembly (same deal as last week), followed by the West Homecoming game (report time Friday night @ 5:45). 

Saturday:  The Kenowa Hills Knight Time Classic.  (I occasionally get questions about the fact that this happens during the day, but it's a play on the mascot name, so now you know!)

  • Students arrive at school between 11:30 and noon to dress and load equipment
  • Buses will depart by 12:15
  • Warm-up is at 2:00 p.m.
  • Performance is at 2:30 p.m.
  • Re-load equipment after we perform (drumline, tubas, etc. - not everyone needs to do this), then head back to watch the final group
  • Depart for home ca. 3:30
  • Arrive ZHS ca. 4:30
  • There IS an admission fee, since this is a fund raiser for Kenowa's band.  I believe it's $5.00 for adults
Sometimes the question arises about our departure time - "why do we need to get there so early?"  The easy answer is that it takes a remarkable amount of time to get 200 people from one place to another!  Last Friday as we left the band room for the assembly I clocked the actual time to get the whole band out the doors and into the hallway at nearly three minutes.  Getting them out of buses, instruments out, and moving to the warm-up area is about a 15-20 minute process; I would much rather be there early so we can stay relaxed before we perform.

Another question that I get is "why do we do these contests?" First, I like the kids to get some experience in front of more than one "appreciative" audience.  It is also beneficial for them to receive feedback from judges and audience members prior to the MSBOA festival.  And finally, it's a fun show into which we've put lots of hours and effort; it's nice to perform as much as we can!

Athletic conflicts on Saturday - please let me know ASAP.  I have received at least one email so far regarding Cross Country.  In most cases students are able to complete their athletic responsibilities and then make it to the afternoon band event.  Parents end up driving, which is greatly appreciated!

Homecoming - if your child needs to be released immediately after we perform to make it to a hair/nails/whatever appointment, please plan on meeting us by the track/stadium gate on the way out of the stadium after we perform. 

I believe that covers it for this week.  Feel free to stop by rehearsal tonight and watch things improve.  No need for an umbrella this time!