Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Memorial Day Information

Next MONDAY is our final full-band performance of the school year, so I thought you should know some of the details regarding the Memorial Day Parade downtown.

ALL STUDENTS are expected to attend unless they have made other arrangements with me.  The seniors know that I am expecting them there, even though it is not required, unless they have let me know that they won't be attending (they may elect to share the reason for this with you).

The band is to be IN PLACE, READY TO GO by 8:30 a.m. in front of Cityside.  There will be NO school transportation, but the equipment trailer WILL be available for drums and tubas.  The band room will be open by 7:45 a.m. to kids to get uniforms and instruments.

The parade begins at 9:00 a.m. and follows the route of the Pumpkin Fest parade from Cityside down Main Street and hooks around to Central and back to Cityside.

IMMEDIATELY after the parade is complete, the SYMPHONIC BAND and several drummers will report to the CEMETERY for the annual ceremony honoring our vets.  This should wrap up by 10:45 or so with "Taps" after the salute from the honor guard.

ALL UNIFORMS are to be turned in immediately following the performance.  Concert Band and color guard folks can get this started as soon as they are done marching; Symphonic Band can do it after the cemetery.  ALL STUDENTS MUST DO THIS ON MONDAY AS SOON AS THEY ARE DONE.  PLEASE DO NOT "WAIT UNTIL THERE'S LESS OF A CROWD," OR UNTIL YOU HAVE HAD SOME LUNCH, OR ANY OTHER REASON AT ALL.  When your child is done marching/playing, he/she is to report directly back to the band room to take care of this.  Our volunteer staff wants to get back to their families and celebrations as much as everyone else!

Hey!  Speaking of our volunteer staff, we need about 8-10 folks to help collect uniforms on Monday morning.  This is a relatively easy job - you simply make sure each student returns all parts of his/her uniform and place them in appropriate piles, etc.  Way easier than the band camp end of things, so if you've always wanted to try something in the volunteer department, this is your shot!  Let me or Carolyn Tummel (carly31072@hotmail.com) know of your willingness to serve.

Thanks!  See you at the parade on Monday morning!