Sunday, December 1, 2013


Wow, it's December!!  I keep promising to ease up on these weekly blog posts, and this may be the one that is truly the last one for a while...  November is usually a calm month, but we clearly had some more excitement with football than we usually do.

So now that it's December, what does that mean for the band?

  • We are WELL into preparations for our January concert.
  • The annual Christmas Parade is Monday night (possibly tonight, depending on when I send out this link)
  • The ever-popular ZHS Marching Band Awards Night is also scheduled for Monday evening, right after the parade.  We should be started by 7:30 and done before 9.  There will be some fun, some serious, and some multi-media production of the season in review.  I hope ALL parents and students can make it to this event!  (It started almost ten years ago with about 50 or so kids in attendance in the band room.  Within a few short years we had to abandon the room, the potluck dinner format, and move to the auditorium!  It's totally a must-see event!)
A quick word on the past weekend:


See?  I told you it would be a quick word...  Everyone was here on time.  Everyone had all of their stuff.  Everyone did as they were told.  We had a ball.  The halftime show was really...  hey, we had a great time and got to perform on a Super Bowl NFL football field!  There were some rough edges and it was all a bit rushed and we hadn't really done it in a while.  Oh, and NFL hashmarks aren't the same as high school, which we knew, but didn't really talk much about.  So, yeah, we had a great time :)  It sounded great!

Thanks for ALL of your help.  I can't list everyone or everything here, mostly because when I start that I usually end up forgetting someone important!  Two very special shout-outs, though, to Cathy Lugten, who worked many extra hours Tuesday and Wednesday to get the Hard Rock dinner plans finalized (student count, meal count, find the credit card, the tax exempt number, blahblahblah...  all while I was in Wisconsin with family Wed-Fri), and to Ruth Hawley-Lowry, who came over to school Saturday night and shoveled and salted the sidewalks and somehow managed to get the parking lot lights turned on for our return (I always forget that one!!).  We had a nurse who missed the performance due to a student with a (non-threatening) medical issue, a field crew working to set up brand new podiums for the drum majors at record speed, a uniform crew who handles more emergencies than I even want to know about, and photographers, videographers, chaperones, siblings helping with flags, and tons of other people helping make us who we are.  THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!!

  • Students need to report IN UNIFORM to Cityside (same as Pumpkin Fest) by 6:00 p.m.  Uniforms may be altered to include: a winter/Santa/fun hat, winter gloves or mittens, and boots/regular shoes that work in the slush and mud.  
  • Instruments may be decorated with lights, garland, etc., as long as they still play
  • THERE WILL BE NO EQUIPMENT VEHICLE TRAVELING TO CITYSIDE FOR THIS PERFORMANCE.  Students who usually rely on the trailer will need to make alternate arrangements - drums, tubas, color guard, etc.    
  • Once we are finished, we will return to school for our awards presentation as mentioned above :)

I think that will do for now.  Thanks for your support of the program and what we do here.  We couldn't do it without all of you.