Thursday, November 21, 2013

SCRIP, or "How I Learned to Pay for My Kid's Band Trip Without Buying Any Pizza Kits"

Since most of this information was already here, I decided to just update this post from a few years ago...  I will continue to update this post with dates, times, etc. to reflect this year's schedule.

Scrip is a program that is used by many school groups in the area (if your friends send kids to Holland Christian, they may have told you about TRIP, which is the same thing).  It allows you to buy gift cards for well over a hundred merchants, including restaurants, department stores, gas stations, etc., and receive a percentage of your gift card purchase back for your student's account.

Once per week from 5-6 p.m. there are two HS band parent reps here in the band room collecting money and distributing orders.  So, let's say you want to participate.  You show up at the band room next Monday and sign up and place an order.  You must pay in advance for the next week.  Your order arrives the following Monday, and you can place another order at that time.  You receive a percentage of your purchase credited to your child's account; depending on the merchant, that runs about 4% and up.  0.5% is kept by the band to cover expenses like shipping and handling, and your child's account is credited with the rest.

Some merchants, like Kohl's, allow you to pay your credit card balance with Scrip dollars/gift cards.  There are gas stations on the list as well, so if you travel a lot this would be a great way to build your account.

ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is show up next Monday and get signed up.  Amy Ransler and Jennifer Ritsema take it from there!  In the past, many families have paid for over half of their child's trip with Scrip dollars.  Family and friends may also participate, either through paying you to buy stuff for them or by signing up themselves and listing who gets the credit.

Need more answers?  Contact Amy Ransler at and she will help you out.

You can also go to the Scrip page on the band website here - - where you will find an order form and a pdf file of an introductory letter that says a lot of what you have just read above.

Thanks!  Please get started on this right away - it's the easiest way to raise money all year long.  We will be doing other fund raisers periodically, but this is a steady, consistent process that occurs all year long and really makes the most money.  See you Monday!