Monday, October 21, 2013

"Sit-Down Band"

Whew...  Friday's performance capped off about 8 weeks of intense work which saw the ZHS Marching Band (in some shape or form) perform 11 (ELEVEN) times.  These performances began even before school started!  This does not include band camp (or its Friday performance) or the additional 5 Monday rehearsals during school or the 2 before school started.  That's a LOT of work!  Thank you to all of the parents who made it possible, which is pretty much every one of you - driving your kids to and from school for all of this stuff, transporting them from an athletic event to a band show, helping out with uniforms, schlepping equipment around the fields, etc.  

This week begins what the kids refer to as "Sit-Down Band," which gives us a much less strenuous schedule.  Here are some details regarding what is going on there:

  1. During the 4th hour band period we split the large marching group into two different bands.  These bands function as completely separate ensembles from one another and play different music, though they perform at the same concerts.  Students were given the lunch/rehearsal schedule on Friday via email; we will be alternating which group meets first on a M-W-F/T-Th basis.
  2. Students in grades 10-12 were given a playing test at the end of last school year that functioned as both a final exam and a placement test for Symphonic and Concert band.  Ninth grade students were given the opportunity to audition if they chose; if they chose to not audition they were placed in Concert Band, but not all who did audition were placed in Symphonic Band.
  3. We group the students in this manner to assure that they will be placed at a level where they will be successful.  
  4. Our first concert, which will also function as part of the first semester exam, will be Sunday, January 12 at 2 p.m. in DeWitt Auditorium.
Students in both groups will be learning new music as well as rehearsing technical exercises and chorales (used for balance/blend and tuning).  There will be periodic playing tests, and both groups will be auditioning for chair placement very soon.

That should do for this week, I believe.  We DO have a game this week Friday - TRACK BAND week.  If your child has missed a performance due to a family vacation, illness, etc., this would be a good opportunity to make up that absence.  Absences created due to conflicting athletic events that were pre-arranged with coaches need not be made up.

Have a great week!