Sunday, September 8, 2013

September 9

Wow!  What a whirlwind start to the school year!  As I left the building Friday night I was kind of in awe of how it all managed to get done...

First of all, a HUGE thank you to all of the parents who stepped up and made things happen last week!!  The uniform crew made sure the kids were looking great for their first uniformed performance, the water bearers made sure we were hydrated, and the ladder crew made sure everyone could see the DM's.  LJ's voice again rang out from the PA, and we managed to get things done pretty well.

A couple of uniform notes:
 - The band was without gloves and the guard without shoes on Friday due to a mixup with the PO for those items (not to brag or anything, but this one wasn't MY fault...).  We thought that the best thing would be no gloves at all since none of the frosh had them and many older kids ordered new ones, and the guard made the decision for black socks when given several footwear choices.  So there you go.
 - We are working on making sure everyone's uniform fits as well as possible.  So some of them are pinned, hemmed, and taped to fit at this point and we will make more permanent alterations later.

A point that needs to be made:
 - The coolest thing about Friday night was not how sweet it looked to see the front of the band reach the south end zone while the back end was still leaving the tunnel, nor how they did a pretty decent job at halftime.  No, the coolest thing about Friday night was that pretty much everyone DID THE RIGHT THINGS.  They were on time, they were polite, they were cooperative, and all of the other things you hear that teenagers aren't.  So clearly the threats helped...  Anyway, I will make sure to commend them for that during class today.

Here's what's up for the week.  Please check  your calendars, work schedules, athletic plans, etc.....

MONDAY, Sept. 9
 - Holland Doctors of Audiology will be in both classes to discuss the proper use and care of the Musicians' Earplugs.  They will have more available for $10.00 a pair if your child still needs them.
 - Rehearsal 6:30 - 9:00 p.m.  Time to remember the third section of drill...

Tuesday, Sept. 10
 - Color Guard 7-9 p.m.

Friday, Sept 13
 - Track Band for the football game.  We will need more trumpets this week than we had last time!

Saturday, Sept. 14
 - Hope College Community Day performance.  We do this one every three years.  We are up again for 2013.  To re-cap the schedule:
  •  11:30 a.m. at school to dress and load buses
  • arrival at Hope ca. 12:30 p.m.
  • Pre-game begins at 1:10
  • We will leave after halftime, ca. 3:30 p.m.
Several folks have asked about picking kids up at the stadium, meeting us there, etc.  Here's how that works:
 - Let me know if you need to meet us there (at least two families live closer to Hope than school; no reason to drive to school to simply ride the bus back to Hope...).  YOUR CHILD IS RESPONSIBLE for making sure he/she has his/her instrument and uniform after school (or after the game) on Friday.  Meet us at Hope by 12:30.  All I ask is for an email letting me know what the situation is and that you will be doing that.
 - If you need to leave from the stadium, you must come and check out your child with me.  If your child is riding with another parent, I need a note explaining that.
 - I really DON'T like the idea of students driving to meet us there/leaving afterward.  Please contact me if that is an issue for you (i.e. Varsity soccer).
**Varsity soccer players are excused from pre-game if needed; JV/frosh should have no trouble arriving at Hope by 12:30.  Varsity will be expected by halftime.
Parents and family members receive FREE admission to the game!!  All you need to do is tell the gate folks you are ZHS Band families.  That's kind of cool...  Please take advantage of this and come out and see your kids!  There will also be concessions vouchers so the kids can get some food.

Future stuff:
 - I'm considering adding the date of October 12 to our calendar.  The Grandville marching band invitational is that day, and that is an awesome stadium in which to play and has been recently improved.  We will be discussing this in class on Monday.
 - If the Otsego competition goes the same as it did last year we will have no sports conflicts, but it could be a late night.  The AA bands last year performed at around 7-8 p.m.  This year's times have not been released yet, but I plan to make a contact this week to see if they are close.  The date for that is Sept. 28
 - Pumpkin parade Oct 5
 - MSBOA Festival Oct. 8 - we will be looking for MANY volunteers to help us host this awesome event.
 - ALL-STATE AUDITIONS happen in late October.  I will be preparing packets this week for students who I think should be auditioning.  If you would like to know if your child should audition, please let me know.

You have some great kids; we have a great band.  Thanks for allowing me to work with them.  Let me know if you need anything -

See you soon.