Sunday, September 15, 2013

September 16

Greetings, parents!  This comes to you after a fun-filled weekend of track band and a beautiful, sunny (though somewhat action-packed) afternoon of Hope College football.  I'll probably do two or three posts today to cover all of the issues; that way you can choose to read which info you want.  THIS one will be about the usual Monday morning "what's up this week" kind of stuff...

First of all, again we had some great and fun performances over the weekend.  I'm glad to see so many kids involved with track band (nearly 50 both weeks so far), and the band continues to impress with their punctuality and "doing the right thing."  Now all we need to do is get them marching and playing better!  But that will come.

Schedule for the week of September 16:

MONDAY - Rehearsal at the stadium as we begin to polish and clean and make things look tight.  There is MUCH work to do as we continue our quest for our 7th First Division rating in a row on October 8.  We begin at 6:30.  

TUESDAY - Color guard 7-9 p.m. in the band room (unless told otherwise by Mrs. Landes).

FRIDAY - Track band at the game again.  This will give us a nice relaxing couple of weeks (riiiigghht...) to rehearse and polish the show before our first competition.

So, kind of a slow week this week, but things will get busier very fast!  Please, as things tend to ALL get fast and crazy at once:
  • Make sure your kids are eating well (more on that in post #2)
  • Make sure that, even though they are very busy, they understand the importance of Monday night rehearsals.  It's important for EVERYONE to be there regardless of homework load, etc.
  • I would say to make sure they're getting enough sleep, but even I recognize the folly of that statement.  Just try to keep them as healthy as possible!

We have ADDED the date of Saturday, October 12 to the fall calendar to compete at the Grandville Invitational.  This is easily one of the best high school stadiums in the state, and they have a new turf field and many other improvements.  They are very excited that we will be performing, and this will give our audience the best view of all of our various formations as we march.
 - Conflict with this date?  Let me know so I can plan for absences (more on that in post #3 today!)

Other future dates to remember:
SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 - We will still be performing, but instead of Otsego at night, we will be going to KENOWA HILLS in the afternoon.  We are scheduled to perform at 3:00 p.m. and will only need to wait for two other groups to finish before awards.  We should be back in plenty of time for everyone to do their hair before the dance...
SATURDAY, OCTOBER 5 - Pumpkin Fest Parade.  I believe it starts at 3:00 p.m., but it might be 2.
TUESDAY, OCTOBER 8 - MSBOA District 10 Festival at Zeeland Stadium

Thanks!  Looking forward to a great week!