Friday, September 27, 2013

MSBOA Hosting Duties

Hello -

For our annual adventure hosting the MSBOA Marching Band Festival, we need a crew of about 30-40 volunteers for the event to run as smoothly as possible.  Some of these volunteers are strictly behind-the-scenes, providing food for the officials or working in the concession stand (from which we get a cut of the profits).  Others are front-line personnel and are responsible for taking a band from the entry area to their warm-up site and leading them back to perform, all while keeping track of time for the director.  More are needed as greeters and admission money takers at the spectator gate as folks arrive.  And we will also need one or two "administrator" types who would be willing to run the show and organize other folks, such as being the coordinator for the food in the press box or being the person in charge of ALL of the volunteers that evening.  

Check your calendars for TUESDAY, OCTOBER 8, and decide:

HOW YOU CAN HELP??  Here's a handy Google form to fill out which will get back to me so I can get folks organized for the night.  Please look it over and see what you might be available to do.  Thanks once again for all of the support you give to me and the kids.

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