Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26

As you can see by the title of today's post, you shouldn't expect any serious creativity here.  Mostly we're dealing with information, so I don't usually paint in many colors...

Here's what's up for this week:

TONIGHT there will be rehearsal - rain or shine.  We have some things to learn before Thursday's Track Band performance and next week's full band performance, so we will be both inside and outside tonight.  
 - Remind your children to bring their lyres, to which they should now ADD
     - East fight song (NEW) - this is found on the website in its own .zip file called "East Fight Song"
     - West fight song (a separate file by instrument - also includes other music)

By this time, of course, everyone should have the halftime music!

Students may also feel free to read these files (they are all PDFs) in whatever their favorite PDF reader is on their iPads.  This may make life easier, though the iPads don't fit in lyres very well.

**Students ARE NOT required to memorize the pre-game music.**
Though we will end up playing the National Anthem and both school songs dozens of times, students may use lyres and flip folders at pre-game.  
At some point in mid-late September the halftime music WILL need to be memorized.  This date will be announced in class.

THURSDAY will be our first performance of the school year.  The Track Band will play for the East game on August 29.  Students should plan to be in the band room by 5:45 p.m. ready to rehearse.  We'll concentrate on the school song and National Anthem, and do whatever stand cheer and halftime stuff we can come up with.  Though this is NOT required, I encourage everyone to come out.  It's fun, less formal than a regular game night, and they get into the game for free along with getting the best seats in the house.  Section leaders are expected to be at these performances to give us a strong base of players.  All other players are volunteering their time.  The game begins at 7 p.m. and we will leave after the first half.

Coming up in the near-ish future:
 - Friday, September 6 - East vs. West football - ALL REQUIRED to perform
 - Friday, September 13 - East football - Track Band
 - Saturday, September 14 - Hope College football - ALL REQUIRED to perform
       *more details will be given as soon as I hear from Hope, which should be soon.

Hey, the first day of school is coming up, too!  On the first day we have a very abbreviated schedule; hopefully you are aware of the half-day agenda for class and assembly things.  For freshmen, the 2nd hour Percussion Ensemble class will meet from 8:28 - 8:48, and 4th hour Band will meet from 9:24 - 9:44.  10-12 folks will meet from 12:33 - 12:53 (perc) and 1:29 - 1:49 (band).  

Questions?  Let me know -

Helpful link to the calendar page:

Link for pre-game music:

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Welcome to 2013-14!!

Hello, parents and students!  Welcome to the 2013-14 school year and the ZHS Band Notes blog...

My goal here is to replace the weekly/periodic emails with something that is similar, but permanently located somewhere.  If someone misses a weekly email, it has to be copied/pasted/forwarded/whatever.  With this blog everything can remain here and I can just email folks a link.  Miss last week's email?  No worries - it's still on the blog site.  Need calendar or schedule info?  That's on the band website, which I will try to permanently link to and from this page.  I'll also try to add some pictures and maybe some graphics or something so it's less boring.  No promises there, though.

So look for updates about once per week, just like the former email system.  These pages will NOT include things that need to be communicated quickly, or things like requesting parent volunteers, etc.; those notifications will still come via email, so make sure you are on my parent email list!  Do this by sending me a test message including your name, your student's name, and some type of sentence about including you on my email list to

Well, that should do it for this installment.  I will write up another one shortly which will detail the upcoming schedule and other items of interest.  Thanks for reading!


Look below...  I have disabled comments on the blog site - if you have questions or comments after reading the installments, email is the best way to get in touch with me!